Company fined after exposing workers and the public to asbestos

A refurbishment company has been fined after workers and the public were exposed to asbestos in a Leicestershire village.

Shengxuan Company Ltd was converting a shop in Borough Street, Castle Donington, into a restaurant on 16 June 2010.

Part of the work involved converting an integral garage into a storeroom but in doing so, workers disturbed asbestos-containing materials. This was then put in a skip by the workers, who were unaware of its presence or its risks.

A member of the public with experience in the asbestos industry walked past the site, saw what was in the skip and reported it to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Other debris was also seen on the floor between the skip and the garage.

The HSE’s subsequent investigation found the firm had not made its workers aware of the dangers of asbestos and had not given them any training in how to recognise or deal with it. A prohibition notice was served, stopping all work until the problem was rectified.

Taken from HSE News