FREE Back to Basic’s guide to Asbestos for Business.

I meet many small business owners when networking and through the FSB. Many of them lease or own business premises of various shapes and sizes, from shops, restaurants, nursing homes, veterinary practices to industrial units and warehouses. Whatever the property the conversations regarding Asbestos generally go like this.

I don’t have any asbestos in my building.
I rent/lease my building it’s my landlord’s responsibility.
My builder has looked at it and he says there’s no asbestos.

All of these statements are often common misconceptions regarding asbestos and a duty holder’s responsibilities relating to the presence of suspected Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s). Many people are Duty Holders and have a responsibility to manage ACM’s and don’t even know it.

Due to this miss information and lack of knowledge I have produced a FREE Back to Basic’s guide to Asbestos for Business.

To find out if you’re a dutyholder and how this could affect you, email for your free copy.