HSE Refurbishment Inspection Initiative Continues

HSE Construction inspectors are carrying out an intensive inspection initiative during February and March 2012, focusing on the refurbishment/building site risks that make construction one of Britain’s most dangerous industries – working at height safely, good order on site, and the risks associated with the removal of asbestos.
Falls from height remains one of the most common causes of fatalities and major injuries in the construction industry, with more than five incidents every day.
54% of the workers who have died in construction over the last few years were doing refurbishment, repair and maintenance jobs.
HSE will not hesitate to take action if we find poor practice that is putting the lives of workers and the public at risk.
Many incidents are completely avoidable by taking simple commonsense precautions. Find out what you can do to improve health and safety on your site before an inspector calls –
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Good order
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