Managing Asbestos in your School

In March 2015 the Department for Education released this advice document.

Managing asbestos in your school
Departmental advice for school leaders, governors, local authorities and academy trusts

Who is this advice for?
This advice is for school leaders, staff and governing bodies working in schools that
contain asbestos.
Main points
Your school buildings may contain asbestos if any part of them was built before 2000. It is extremely important that any asbestos present in your school is managed properly. If you do not follow the steps set out in this advice, you may put the future health of your staff and pupils at risk. You could also face prosecution, by failing to comply with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

You should take the following steps to manage the asbestos in your school:
1. Have a ‘management survey’ of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) in your
2. Assess the risks associated with ACMs in your school
3. Devise a plan for managing asbestos in your school
4. Make sure staff and visitors know the risks and precautions they need to take
5. Keep the management of asbestos in your school under review

If you need to undertake any refurbishment work in a building that contains asbestos you may need to commission a ‘refurbishment and demolition survey’ which will give you a more detailed understanding of the asbestos present in the building.

If there is an incident of asbestos exposure at your school you should take the necessary steps to ensure that everyone is safe and, unless the incident is very minor, you will need to report it to the Health and Safety Executive.

The complete document can be found here

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