Residents victory over Enfield Homes about garden contaminated with asbestos

A RESIDENT has claimed victory after he was told soil contaminated with asbestos used to fill in his garden must be removed.

James Paul, of Cypress Avenue, was told by Enfield Homes that the topsoil – which cost more than £1,500 – they used to level out his garden in June last year had tested positive for dangerous levels of asbestos.

Mr Paul, whose children Gabby, 11, and Alfie, 3, had been playing in the garden, said he was shocked to find nappies, metal, glass and cement dust in the soil when contractors hired by the organisation that manages council homes.

He said: “Their actions have been slow, incompetent, and downright disgraceful.

“I’m disappointed that it’s come to this and I had to go to the paper because they wouldn’t listen to me – this should never have happened.

“But I’m pleased that finally my garden is going to get sorted out and I’ve been given assurances by the chief executive of Enfield Homes that there will be a proper investigation.”

The body is now getting quotes from companies on how much it will cost to completely replace the garden, while Mr Paul is seeking legal action.

He also has concerns for the health of his children and is taking them to see a doctor on Thursday to see if they have breathed in asbestos dust.

He added: “I don’t think Enfield Homes understand the seriousness of their actions.”

Mr Paul believes that the soil is actually building rubble mixed with garden waste – with cement dust from the rubble explaining its grey colour.

He asked for the work to be carried out last year as his garden was deemed too dangerous for his children to play in because of steep drops in the land.

He had been engaged in a long-running battle with Enfield Homes until the Enfield Independent investigated the incident last month.

In a statement, Enfield Homes said: “We are currently undertaking an internal investigation into this incident and the appropriate action will be taken.

“Buried asbestos cement will generally not become a problem unless disturbed – because of its hard dense nature and relatively low asbestos content, asbestos cement generally poses a low risk.”

Source Enfield Independent