Businesses to undergo Legionella checks.

14 businesses in Hinckley Borough Council area of Leicestershire

will undergo health and safety inspections as part of a project to stop outbreaks of Legionnaires disease, The Hinckley Times has reported.

Of the 32 Legionella high risk businesses that received a questionnaire, only half replied with suitable evidence of Legionella controls in place to combat the bacteria.

The inspections are part of a priority project set up by the borough’s health and safety enforcement in 2013 and 2014 to control the disease – which can be deadly.

A total of 33 businesses in the borough were targeted as being at risk of housing the legionella bacteria, which can cause a serious lung infection.

The other premises received either a questionnaire if they were deemed as high risk – these included hotels and sports clubs– or an advice leaflet for medium risk premises – such as garden centres and retail premises with water features, displays, hot tubs, or fountains.

The others face inspection during this year and 2015.

The project also aimed to raise awareness of the risk posed by the bacteria and the disease.

Initial symptoms include a high fever, muscle pain and chills.

Once the bacteria infect the lungs, the person may also develop a persistent cough, chest pains and breathing difficulties.

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