The Feathers Hotel Ludlow Victim Named as Elaine Brown

The Feathers Hotel Ludlow victim has been named as Elaine Brown, The Daily Mail has reported further.

A retired health and safety officer died after contracting Legionnaires’ disease from a hotel, just months after another guest was struck down with the deadly bug.

Elaine Brown, 69, suffered a fatal stroke triggered by the disease which is caught by breathing in droplets of contaminated water.

The grandmother-of-four had been on a coach tour with her husband Graham, 58, when they spent a night at The Feathers Hotel in Ludlow, Shropshire, on July 31.

She returned home but days later she developed flu-like symptoms and was rushed to Royal Liverpool University Hospital where she died of a stroke on August 26.

It later transpired that another guest, in her 70s, also contracted the disease after staying at the £120-a-night hotel in April but has since made a full recovery.

Mrs Brown’s family have now instructed legal firm Irwin Mitchell to investigate the circumstances surrounding her death, and to find out if more could have been done to protect her.

Her husband Graham, 58, said they would never have stayed at the hotel had they been aware of the previous Legionnaire’s outbreak.

The passport office worker said: ‘We went to the Feathers Hotel for a one night stay without any knowledge whatsoever that there was a deadly bacteria waiting for us.

‘If we had been told about the case of Legionnaires’ disease in April, there is absolutely no chance that we would have stayed there, and Elaine would have still been with us today.

‘Nothing can possibly replace Elaine, but the hotel’s management have to ensure they are doing everything they possibly can to make sure their guests are protected from avoidable illnesses like this.’

The couple’s son Neil Edwards, 44, a writer from Leeds, said: ‘We all miss mum so much and it is an incredibly emotional time for the entire family.

‘While we lived away from each other, barely a week would go by when I would not call her to catch up on things, and even now I still get the urge to pick up the phone and give her a ring. It is hard to believe she has gone.

‘Our grief at this point, however, is mixed with anger, as we feel we deserve to know why the hotel was not closed following the reports of the first case of Legionnaires’ disease in April.

‘It is difficult not to believe that mum would still be with us if action was taken earlier, and we just feel we are deserving of answers as to whether more should have been done to keep her safe.

‘While nothing will ever change what has happened, we hope that by taking this action we can get the justice her incredible life deserves, whilst also ensuring that no other family has to endure the heartbreak that we are currently facing.’

Law-firm Irwin Mitchell are investigating whether the hotel should have done more to prevent a second outbreak following the first case in April.

Solicitor Jatinder Paul, who is representing Mrs Brown’s family, said: ‘It is only weeks since Elaine passed away and her family remain understandably devastated and angry at their avoidable loss.

‘Our clients have many questions relating to her death and, following our instruction, we are determined to help them get the answers they deserve.

‘It is regrettable, despite almost two months passing by, that the owners of the Feathers Hotel have still not sent a personal apology to Elaine’s husband or her children, and I would ask that they immediately take the steps to do so.

‘Legionnaires’ disease is an incredibly serious illness which, as this case demonstrates, can have a huge impact on those who contract it.

‘I would encourage anyone who has been affected by illness after staying at the Feathers Hotel to see their GP at the earliest available opportunity.

‘I would also like to speak with them as they may be able to help with our investigations.

‘Following our involvement in the aftermath of the outbreak in Stoke-on-Trent five years ago, it was our sincere hope that lessons would be learnt from that outbreak and these recent problems suggest there remains much to learn in terms of keeping the public safe from illnesses of this kind.’

On the hotel’s website, a statement reads: ‘We are currently closed for a short period of time to install new plumbing following the discovery of Legionella in the hotel water system.

‘Public Health England (PHE) advises that former guests at our hotel may be reassured that they are not at risk of infection from their previous visit..

‘As a precaution PHE has written to people who stayed at The Feathers in the two weeks prior to 12 September 2017 who are in a slightly higher risk group.’

The hotel is expected to re-open on November 13.

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