Inquest Hears BUPA Care Home Resident Died from Legionnaires’ disease

Kenneth Ibbetson Legionnaires' disease BUPA

A inquest being held this week in Chelmsford has heared how an 86 year grandfather Kenneth Ibbetson, died of suspected Legionnaires’ disease in 2015 while resident at a BUPA’s Hutton Village care home.

Mr Ibbetson was taken to hospital in June 2015 where doctors initially diagnosed pneumonia. His condition quickly deteriorated and he died three days later. A post mortem revealed he had died of Legionnaires’ disease.

Warnings Ignored

The inquest heard that several warnings were ignored by staff at BUPA’s Hutton Village care home, Essex prior to the death of Mr Ibbetson.

Shortly after, the Health and Safety Executive launched an investigation and their inspectors found Legionella bacteria in Mr Ibbetson’s bathroom at the care home.

Lack of Staff Training

The jury were told that the risks associated with Legionnaires’ disease were especially high where warm, stagnant water existed. Miss Susan Green, the care home manager had not received suitable Legionella training and previous warnings identified in two Legionella risk assessments were ignored.  The inquest was told the care home manager, Susan Green, only received training to control the risks of Legionnaires’ disease after Mr Ibbotson’s death.

Since Mr Ibbetson’s death, Miss Green said the care home had made a number of improvements.

The BUPA owned Hutton Village Care Home was last inspected by the Care Quality Commission in July 2015 when the care overall was described as being ‘good.’

The inquest is currently on going.

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