The importance of a Schematic Drawing as part of a Legionella Risk Assessment

The importance of a Schematic Drawing as part of a Legionella Risk Assessment

Schematic drawings are a requirement of the Health and Safety (HSE’s) procedures to deal with the control of legionella bacteria in water systems and should be an integral part of any legionella risk assessment and on going management.

Schematic drawings or simply “schematics” as they are often called are simplified but accurate diagrams that help to identify the configuration of a building’s water system. Schematic drawings are intended to be easy to read without specialised training or experience and are not formal technical drawings. The schematic should show the layout of the plant or water system, including parts temporarily out of use and while providing only an indication of the size and scale, they allow someone unfamiliar with the layout of a system to understand the relative positions and connections of the relevant components quickly.

Schematic as part of a risk assessment
In summary a risk assessment should consider/include the following.

• clear allocation of management responsibilities;
• competence and training of key personnel;
• a description of the water system, including an up-to-date schematic diagram;
• an evaluation of the risk;
• safe operating procedures for the water system, including controls in place to control risks;
• monitoring, inspection and maintenance procedures;
• results of monitoring, inspection and any checks carried out;
• limitations of the legionella risk assessment;
• arrangements to review the risk assessment regularly and particularly when there is reason to      suspect it is no longer valid.

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