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Celebrating 1 year at Qube Environmental 

March 2021


Siobhan Leese started with Qube Environmental on 17th March 2020 at the very beginning of Covid19, with only working 3 days in the actual office, before having to work from home in line with the first lockdown.

Siobhan started in a new role for the company as Marketing & Business Development. Not only did she have to successfully cultivate a new position but had to learn everything about the company, its products, and its customer base remotely.

Zoom became a lifeline for Siobhan working remotely and now even more so as she has relocated to Devon in the new year with her husband for his new role.

Siobhan comments:

 Starting a new role is always an exciting and scary time all rolled into one. I was very fortunate to join the Qube team, even in a worldwide pandemic they still took the time to welcome, train and support me. I look forward to bringing my skills to the role and many years to come with the team.

Siobhan will continue to provide the same great service to our customers as she has the past 12 months permanently working remotely.

We would like to thank Siobhan for all her dedication and hard work in her first year with Qube Environmental and look forward to her been part of the team for many more years to come.

Meet the team – Siobhan




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