Legionella bacteria are naturally
present in water courses

In man-made water systems, where conditions allow it can multiply and become deadly. People of all ages can be affected but it mainly it affects people over the age of 50 years. Men are three times more likely to get Legionnaires’ disease than women. Individuals with underlying medical conditions such as heart lung or liver disease – those with impaired immune systems are also at greater risk from the disease. Smoking is also considered a significant risk factor.

what is legionella

Legionella Health Information

What are the risks of Legionella to health?
Legionella can seriously affect health with a significant risk of death. The bacteria are identified under COSHH regulation and Legionellosis is a reportable disease under RIDDOR.

How soon do Legionella symptoms occur?
The incubation period can range from 2 to 19 days with a median of 6 to 7 days after exposure.

How is Legionella diagnosed?
A rapid diagnosis can be made by testing a urine sample from the patient, once the relevant symptoms have occurred. The urine test itself can give an initial result within 2-3 hours. Other more specialised tests, including growing the bacteria from clinical samples, can take several days.

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Great service from Qube Environmental who provided a Legionella Survey/Risk Assessment for our medium sized offices in Shrewsbury. Very value added as Ashley explained the reasons why and how he was going to complete the survey in plain English. He kept it very simple and the survey's were easy to understand without the confusing jargon. Thank you for your service and support!

Health, Safety and Environmental Manager

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Very helpful and supportive. Clear paperwork/reports/recommendations. Always phone back up as needed.

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Being new to a role during these hard times, Judith at QUBE has been wonderful and supported me with everything I have needed to complete my tasks... thank you, Neil.

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Very efficient service. Very approachable staff. On site visit was conducted in not ideal circumstances from our side and the risk assessor was very helpful and adaptable. I would highly recommend Qube and will continue using their services.

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Excellent service from initial contact right through to receiving the reports, highly recommend this organisation, thank you.

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