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Advice for Dental Surgeries on Managing
Waterborne Pathogens During Covid 19

8th July 2020

This guidance is aimed at independent primary care dental providers as well as those in primary care GP practices. Particular attention should be given to the control of water borne pathogens in dental unit water lines and related equipment.

During COVID-19 outbreak registered managers of dental practices should ensure that:

  • There is a documented Water Safety plan (WSP), developed by persons who are experienced and competent, which includes up to date asset registers, risk assessments and management plans for all water systems including the Dental Unit Water Lines (DUWL). These should be reviewed and updated to reflect the current status of each of these systems and associated equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Recommendations of the written scheme and risk assessment are implemented for the control of Legionella within the dental waterline system before during and after shutdown during COVID-19
  • That all water systems and equipment that use water are reviewed for safe decommissioning and recommissioning
  • Regular flushing or treatment programmes based on equipment and manufacturer’s guidance are planned
  • That there is a plan to recommissioning of all water services including disinfection, flushing and validation and which ensures enough time is planned for recommissioning in advance of recommencing services
  • Actions are documented during the decommissioning and recommissioning phases (this can be done by annotating your existing risk assessments and dental-unit water-line (DUWL) management plan)

Further detailed information produced by the Legionella Control Association can be downloaded here

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