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Asbestos Testing Staffordshire

April 2021

Are you concerned that your building has Asbestos in it? 

Asbestos is the single greatest cause of work-related deaths in the UK

Here at Qube Environmental, we are specialists in Asbestos Management Surveys that are designed to locate the presence and extent of ACM’s in a building that could be potentially disturbed during normal occupancy. However if you are planning to refurbish or demolish a property a refurbishment and demolition survey is required.

We can also conduct on-site sampling to test for Asbestos. 

All our asbestos testing is completed in an independent UKAS laboratory. All our services are carried out in accordance with “HSG 264” (current HSE guidance document).

For more information or for a free no obligation quote for your building please contact our team:

01782 791 775 or


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