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Congratulations Leigh on your 2nd Work Anniversary

October 2022

October 2022 marks our Water Hygiene Technician 2nd work anniversary with Qube, Congratulations Leigh! 

Leigh joined our team back in October 2020 just before the second Covid National Lockdown was introduced. As essential workers we could still attend our customers sites, which meant Leigh was able to begin his training and start visiting sites straight away. Even through the very tricky times across the country which posed its own challenges Leigh adapted quickly at all turns and became a brilliant asset to the team. 

We would like to congratulate Leigh on his second work anniversary and look forward to many more to come.  

Transitioning away from the Royal Navy into a new career direction as a Water Hygiene Technician was an exciting time for me as it meant I could discover a new industry and in turn obtain a new set of skills. All the team at Qube have supported me on this journey. 

I very much look forward to continue working with all the team at Qube going forward.

Leigh Dakin

Water Hygiene Technician at Qube Environmental

To learn more about Leigh see his team profile here.
Siobhan Leese - Marketing & Business Development, Qube Environmental

Leigh is a fantastic Water Hygiene Technician and a much valued member of our team and we’re looking forward to working together with Leigh for many years to come at Qube Environmental.

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