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Outdoor Attractions – Re-opening on the 12th April? Are you Legionella complaint?

March 2021

 As Outdoor Attractions such as Theme Parks and Zoo’s was closed or had reduced occupancy during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, water system stagnation can occur due to lack of use, increasing the risks of Legionnaires’ disease. 

The HSE state that you should review your legionella risk assessment and manage the legionella risks when you reinstate a water system or start using it again. It is also important for owners of outdoor attractions to ensure that any 3rd party providers on site such as a takeaway restaurants / vendors are also taking the necessary steps to manage Legionella Control when re-opening. 

If the water system is still used regularly, you should maintain the appropriate measures to prevent legionella growth. 

Areas you should consider prior to re-opening

Hot and cold-water systems

If hot and cold-water outlets are used infrequently, flush them weekly to prevent water stagnation. If you cannot do this, the team at Qube can work with you to ensure systems are cleaned (if required) and disinfected before the building is occupied.

Air conditioning units

If your workplace has been closed for an extended period and has air conditioning units that have a source of water that can generate aerosol, you will need to assess the risks of legionella being present within them before restarting.

Small wall or ceiling-mounted units with closed cooling systems should not present a risk.

Larger units may present a risk if they have improperly drained condensate trays, or humidifier or evaporative cooling sections where water can stagnate, becoming a reservoir for bacteria to grow. 

When you review your risk assessment, decide what the risks are for your units and if you need to clean them safely, before they are turned on.

Additional Information

It is important to bear in mind that this overview may not cover all aspects of Legionella Control for your water system at your site. 

We would urge all businesses to obtain expert advice to ensure that their water systems are safe and compliant.

We can assist with Legionella Risk Assessments, Water SamplingTank Cleaning.

 Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. We are active members of the Legionella Control Association and we are ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified for the services we offer.

 For more information, please contact our team:

01782 791 775 or




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